Audio Visual System

The Shura Council | 2021

The Shura Council | 2021 Al Shura’s meeting room setup comprises three distinct spaces, each equipped to facilitate efficient and productive gatherings. The implementation includes Discussion Systems featuring Chairman and Delegate units, ensuring seamless communication during meetings. Home Overview To enhance the visual component, we integrated PTZ cameras equipped with auto-tracking features, guaranteeing dynamic and […]

Al Ruwais Conference Room | 2022

Al Ruwais conference room 2022 The Al Ruwais conference room features synchronized functionality among essential devices such as a projector, speakers, and a PTZ camera, enabling high-quality meetings with recording capabilities. Home Overview An advanced lectern serves as a presentation platform, incorporating various technological features to enhance speakers’ capabilities during conferences. A smart podium with […]

Arab Potash| 2022

Arab Potash 2022 The primary challenge in Arab Potash was to create a dynamic environment for presentations and meetings. Home Overview The solution included three 43-inch confidence monitors strategically placed in front of the podium, ensuring that presenter could view the content displayed on the video wall, which consisted of 5X3 of 55-inch screens. A […]