Hilton Resort & Spa| 2012

Hilton Resport & Spa 2012

Intelligent Control4 and Lonix Systems are used at the Hilton Resport & Spa, Dead Sea, to create exclusive modern style surroundings for guests who are used to expect excellence in all respects.

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In transforming the Hilton Resort and Spa into a high-end destination, cutting-edge technology was employed for an enhanced user experience. Integrated systems, including background music, centralized public address, and lighting control, were strategically implemented.
Enhanced User Experience: BMS contributes to an improved experience for guests at the Hilton Resort and Spa by providing efficient control and monitoring of various systems, ensuring comfort, safety, and convenience.
Efficient Operations: The intelligent solutions integrated into the BMS streamline the operation of subsystems, optimizing the performance of lighting, HVAC, and other critical systems. This efficiency enhances the overall functioning of the hotel.
Cost Savings: BMS allows for precise control over energy consumption, leading to cost savings. The ability to monitor and manage different systems centrally ensures resource efficiency and reduces operational costs in the long run.
Background Music
Public Address System
Lighting and Scene Control
Meeting Rooms Video Setup
Building Management System
Guest Room HVAC Control
Integrated Control Software