Jordan Feed Company | 2018

Jordan Feed Company 2018

Jordan Feed Company decided to face the challenge of an outdated control system amidst a bustling production line, the decision was made to implement a new, more efficient control system with minimal production downtime.

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The solution involved meticulous planning and the selection of Siemens Simatic PCS7 System. Detailed analysis of machines and existing system signals led to the creation of a precise IO list, outlining how to interface with machines, field devices, and sensors. Following hardware selection and procurement, the programming stage commenced with SCADA software on an industrial pre-assembled PC.
Thorough testing, including process simulation, graphical interface evaluation, user permissions, reports, batches, and recipes, ensured that the new system operated flawlessly as intended. The hardware replacement process involved connecting around 1600 signals to the new panel with precision and meticulous attention. Once complete, the system underwent dry run tests and then ran with actual materials and recipes, achieving seamless results.
Continuous monitoring post-transition ensured smooth operation, and no contingencies arose. The client was highly satisfied with the transition, appreciating the benefits and features of the powerful Simatic PCS7 Batch system integrated into their facility.
100 Chain Conveyor
9 storage Silos
1600 Total IO Signals on SCADA
40 Dosing Silos
10 Bucket Elevator
Local and Remote Control via SCADA System