Al Ruwais conference room 2022

The Al Ruwais conference room features synchronized functionality among essential devices such as a projector, speakers, and a PTZ camera, enabling high-quality meetings with recording capabilities.


An advanced lectern serves as a presentation platform, incorporating various technological features to enhance speakers’ capabilities during conferences. A smart podium with a built-in touchscreen display allows speakers to interact with digital content, access multimedia files, and control presentation software. It also includes integrated audio and video capabilities, including speakers, microphones, and webcams, facilitating audiovisual presentations, video conferencing, and recording.
To meet the demands of a professional meeting environment, the conference room has been equipped with microphones to ensure clear communication and amplification of participants’ voices, even for those seated at a distance from the speaker.
Overall, the Al Ruwais conference room is now optimized for effective communication, seamless collaboration, impactful presentations, and comprehensive documentation, ensuring that meetings run smoothly and efficiently.
2 Wireless Microphones
16 Ceiling Speaker
2 Wired Microphones
4 Ceiling Speakers
Digital Media Presentation
Table Top Touch Screen
Projector and Projection Screen