It’s all about centralized control and monitoring, allowing operators to manage processes, SCADA acts as the control system’s brain, gathering information from various remote devices such as valves, pumps, and sensors.

Our Services

SCADA, which stands for ‘Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition,’ serves a pivotal role in acquiring data from remote devices such as valves, pumps, transmitters, and more. Its primary function is to enable centralized control and monitoring from a SCADA Host software platform.

This empowers precise local process control, ensuring devices operate in accordance with your strategic needs while facilitating remote data capture and event monitoring, including alarms.

Within the SCADA Host platform, you’ll find an array of essential features, including graphical displays, alarm management, data trending, and historical data storage. At Spacia Systems, we specialize in providing instrumentation and RTUs/PLCs designed for seamless integration with your assets or processes.

Our solutions extend beyond data control and retrieval; they encompass the entire lifecycle, from engineering and implementation to operation and maintenance, ensuring operational excellence.

Moreover, Spacia Systems places a strong emphasis on open standards, embracing best practices defined by industry groups rather than adhering to a single manufacturer’s guidelines.

This approach not only enhances asset integration within your SCADA system but also contributes to reducing the overall ownership costs of your SCADA infrastructure.