Building Management System

Building Management System serves as the nerve center of a building, providing centralized control and oversight of critical functions such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), lighting, security, and energy management.

Our Services

Our BMS solutions provide a holistic approach to facility management, offering a centralized platform for streamlined control and monitoring. From single window monitoring of entire sites to flexible global scheduling and advanced alarm management, our systems empower facility managers to make informed decisions efficiently.

Built on scalable open architecture, our modular BMS solutions facilitate system expansion and lifecycle savings. Leveraging industry standards like BACnet, LonWorks, OPC and Modbus, we provide an agile and interoperable framework that adapts to evolving needs.

Our BMS solution extends beyond conventional boundaries by incorporating video surveillance and access control system integration through a rich GUI. This not only enhances workstation management but also enables automated control and advanced alarm reporting, fostering a comprehensive approach to building management.