Jordan Grain Handling & Milling Co. 2011

Jordan Grain Handling & Milling Co. was one of the first Jordanian businesses to respond to the demand of ready feed for poultry, and cattle farms.
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It was launched in 1964 with technical assistance from the specialized well-known firm Provimi Holland.

With a very busy production line, and Manual control system, it was decided to replace the whole control system with a new, more effective and more efficient. However, this had to be done with minimal downtime in the production lines.

The old hardware had to be removed, and the new hardware installed, tested each signal and verifying the complete sequence in less than 5 Days.
16 Chain Conveyor
8 storage Silos
1300 Total IO Signals on SCADA
10 Bucket Elevator
Local and Remote Control via SCADA System