Ministry of Public Health

Intelligent Schneider Electric building management system is used at the ministry of public health, Qatar for two distinct buildings: the Medical Commission Building and the New Commission Building.


In a bid to enhance energy efficiency, achieve financial savings, and streamline maintenance costs, a tailored Building Management System (BMS) solution was implemented across the two buildings.
This comprehensive solution integrated various building systems under centralized control, fostering operational excellence. The BMS not only optimized energy consumption but also identified trends for informed decision-making. By embracing energy-efficient practices, the system significantly curtailed utility bills while ensuring a comfortable environment. Predictive maintenance capabilities further mitigated unforeseen breakdowns, leading to substantial cost reductions over time.
The result was a harmonious blend of financial savings, improved efficiency, and heightened occupant satisfaction, showcasing the BMS as a key player in enhancing overall building performance.
1200 I/O Signals
13 Air Handling Units (AHUs)
6 Package Units
3 Chillers
9 Pumps
Electrical Panels
23 Exhaust Fans Variable Frequency Drive (VFDs)
Motor Control Center (MCCs) Modifications