The Shura Council | 2021

Al Shura’s meeting room setup comprises three distinct spaces, each equipped to facilitate efficient and productive gatherings. The implementation includes Discussion Systems featuring Chairman and Delegate units, ensuring seamless communication during meetings.


To enhance the visual component, we integrated PTZ cameras equipped with auto-tracking features, guaranteeing dynamic and high-quality video capture. The centerpiece of the setup is the Crestron Digital Media Presentation System, coupled with Crestron Go on iPads for intuitive control.

Al Shura’s meeting room AV system offers a robust platform for audio and video conferencing, presentations, and collaboration.

It includes a large display, high-quality cameras for remote participant visibility, top-tier microphones for clear audio, and exceptional speakers to ensure remote participants can hear with utmost clarity.

32 Seats Meeting Room
6 Ceiling Speakers
32 Discussion Mics
98” LED Screen
20 Seats Meeting Room
12 Seats Meeting Room