Tulkarm Pump Stations, Wells and Reservoirs 2009

In Tulkarm, wireless Ethernet bridges were used to connect various pump stations, wells, and reservoirs, enabling centralized control and monitoring from a single location. This network covered a wide area of nearly 20 kilometers.
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The challenge was that installing fiber cables in the densely populated city was impractical. To address this, three pump stations with MCC panels, ATS panels for backup generators, and modular PLC panels were set up. These panels processed a significant number of signals, ensuring smooth automation and control.
To establish reliable communication between distant sites, long-range 2.4GHz wireless Ethernet bridges with Yagi antennas were deployed, offering a robust network with a line-of-sight distance of up to 10 kilometers. This allowed centralized monitoring through a SCADA-equipped station. Local HMIs were also installed at each station for emergency control and maintenance.
The project covered a 20-kilometer radius, processed 1600 IO signals in real-time, and improved the water infrastructure, extending water access to additional neighborhoods. The Tulkarm Municipality was satisfied with this cost-effective solution.
3 pump stations equipped with MCC panels
Soft-starter, YD and DOL Motor Starters
6 Water Wells and Four Reservoirs
ATS System and Standby Generator
All Sites Utilizing 2.4GHz Wireless Bridge
Local and Remote Control via SCADA System
1600 IO Signals on SCADA