Al Karak Water Loss Reduction Program | 2011

Al Karak Water Loss Reduction Program 2011

The project aimed to establish a water supply network for Karak governorate and nearby areas, catering to a 2030 population of 350,000. This included PLC-controlled pumping stations connected to a centralized SCADA system.

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The challenge involved rehabilitating and setting up remote pumping stations, with one station acting as a SCADA control hub. Motor starters were carefully chosen for efficiency, and Power Factor Correction Panels were used to reduce power consumption.
Five pumping stations were constructed, each with Motor Control Centers (MCCs) housing soft-starters for pump control and protection. Modular PLC controllers managed I/Os and communicated with motor protection devices via ModBus®.
One station hosted the central SCADA system, enabling remote control of all five stations. Wireless GPRS modems facilitated data transmission between stations, ensuring uninterrupted communication. Each MCC panel was equipped with a 3kVA UPS. This project upgraded the water network, accommodating future expansion and emerging technologies. It has operated reliably, meeting the region’s water supply needs.
5 pump stations equipped with MCC and PLC panels
Soft-starters power rating varies from 90-550kW
Power Factor Correction Panels up to 500kVAR
UPS with 3kVA capacity and external battery banks
Manual control on MCC panel, remote panel or HMI
Remote control and monitor via SCADA over GPRS
Modular PLC with I/Os ranging from 100-380 per