Kilani Health Care Institute | 2013

Kilani Health Care Institute 2013

Spacia Systems spearheaded the integration of Building Management, CCTV, Access Control, and Public Address systems for the expansion of Farah Hospital, Amman.

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The new facility boasts an Integrated Building Management System, employing intelligent software for unified monitoring and control.
Access control regulates elevator access, while the public address system handles emergency announcements.
The BMS oversees HVAC, operation rooms, and isolation rooms, seamlessly integrating with third-party control systems.
Advanced CCTV features, access control for over 200 doors, and a comprehensive audio distribution system further enhance the facility’s operational efficiency.
The centralized server acts as the core engine, providing a cohesive interface for monitoring and controlling all integrated systems, even allowing remote access when required. This project exemplifies a truly integrated and sophisticated Building Management System solution.
2000 I/O - Building Management System
120 IP Cameras - Closed Circuit Television System
100 Door - Access Control System
400 Speakers - Public Address System
Access Integration with Elevators
Design, Installation, Testing and Commissioning