Water Network Restructuring and Pressure Management FARA8 | 2018

Water Network Restructuring and Pressure Management FARA8- 2018

The project involved deploying multiple RTUs across Amman to monitor remote locations from a central Miyahuna Command Center.

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This comprehensive system streamlined data analysis, log management, and alarm handling to optimize water network operations. The challenge was connecting over 360 remote RTUs to a central SCADA system, ensuring reliable communication, especially in locations without power. Custom data parsing and handling programming were essential for third-party system integration.

The solution involved battery-operated RTUs with cellular modems transmitting data via TCP/IP over 4G. A locally hosted cloud API server received the data, with an independent OPC server converting it to OPC UA standard tags. The WinCC SCADA server managed data logging, alarms, and the graphical interface. A separate WinCC client enabled monitoring from a different location. In total, over 2100 monitoring tags tracked various parameters, including pressure, flow rate, noise level, and battery health.
SCADA Command Center
64 Pressure Regulating Valves RTUs
64 Critical Point Measurement RTUs
200 Leak Detection RTUs
15 Transient Pressure Logging RTUs
20 Flow Rate Monitoring RTUs
Cellular Communication
OPC Linking SCADA Server and API Server